Threshold Festival – Liverpool – 1st April 2017

I was very excited to play this festival, as you can  theres were so many bands playing over a lot of different venues. I was playing at the main venue – Constellations

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I’m highlighted in green here, sandwiched between Gotekki and Hannah Peel

It was great to meet such an eclectic genre of artists backstage

I played at 7:30pm, and then partied the rest of the night

The Sound House – Leicester – 28th March 2017

Getting ready for Threshold festival in a few weeks, I thought I would pop down to The Sound House open mic night to run through my set. I wanted to try out my Samsung PG58 wiresless mic that I’m contemplating using for the festival.

My road manager pointed out that I had worn that dress at The Sound House previousy in 2016 but it was a cold March day and the audience was different so who would know  🙂

X Factor – 25th March 2017

Recently Thames TV; makers of the X Factor called me at the rehearsal rooms where I work and asked if they could book a room to run some Leicester auditions for the show.

We booked them in, fortunatley the room that I usually rehearse in – and as I was there to set everything up for them, took the opportunity to go first and skip the queues.

I’m often asked by people ‘you like pop music, why don’t you apply for X Factor?’ to which I don’t really have a straight answer apart from I would only want to sing my own material and I never remember to actually apply in time.

I didn’t really have an excuse when they literally came to me – so what the hell! I sang “Where did I go Wrong?” I’m sure Simon Cowell would want to tell me 😉

The Verve – Leeds – 9th March 2017

Thursday 9th March I played at a great little basement venue in Leeds. The bar upstairs was pretty cool, and downstairs where the stage was, a gathering of open mic fans.

The PA was excellent for the size of the room and I loved the sound lady. She’s the kinda person I wanna be when I grow up 🙂

The sound lady doubled up as their facebook page photographer, I love her black and white photos

I really enjoyed hanging around in Leeds for the evening, hopefully I’ll get to play there again soon

Silicon Dreams 2017 – Announcement

Im so excited to announce I’m on the Line up for Silicon Dreams Festival on 8th July!

The line up has just been announced

The venue here looks stunning, its going to be a great festival.

The organiser Simon did an interview on the Johnny Normal Show on Radio Warwickshire.

You can hear I’ll take my chances and what Simon has to say about me at 1:26:15