16th February 2019

Currently I'm preparing for the upcoming gig  with Future Perfect on 16th March at The Flapper, I am their guest vocalist for the event, recently we had our first rehearsal together - which is a new one for me.. rehearsing with other people


I can also announce that I am supporting Strange Circuits at The Hummingbird on 9th March

I'm please to say 'Miss Perfect' - LorD and Master remix is on the Electropop 16  Conzoom Records compilation album - due out in March


Also out in March is Ulf Mullers Project Inch 'Sleepy times' which I am the featured vocalist on. I have heard some of the remixes back in so far and I'm really enjoying it


There is also on the pipeline some more remixes for the 3 tracks from Electrostatic that never made it to Quasi-static which will be something to look forward to in the near future.


I am also in the studio writing songs for the next album - when I can find the time! I hope to have new tracks out by the summer.