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Electricity Club Review Silicon Dreams

Electricity Club have done an amazing review on Silicon Dreams,

To quote their comments about me..

Caroline McLavy kicked off proceedings with tracks culled from her impressive debut album Electrostatic, giving the event a slick start.

As discussed in TEC’s review of the album, McLavy’s material is “…peppered with synth hooks, emotive melodies and simply good danceable rhythms”. The likes of ‘You Know’ are given much more of an impact on stage, courtesy of McLavy’s confident stage presence and equally strong vocals. Elsewhere, the bassy tones of ‘I’ll Take My Chances’ and bangers such as ‘Miss Perfect’ and ‘Constant Pain’ show a solid collection of songs in her arsenal.

Meanwhile, the tropical rhythms of ‘Where Did I Go Wrong’ take things down a gear. Finishing things up is the deceptively slow intro to ‘Calm Before The Storm’, which erupts into a percussive belter at the halfway point, ending McLavy’s set on a high note.

In The Electricity Club’s interview with Caroline McLavy earlier in the year, she summed up the advantages of taking her songs to the stage: “Often electronic music has a human disconnect by its nature that playing live can put back into the music. It puts blood into the veins of the songs”.”


Heres the entire review –



Track played on Dancefreedom Radio Show

My Co Producer of Electrostatic Rich Henderson of Arcane recently did an hour guest DJ for Dance Freeson.

He slipped in a few of his new tracks as well as the remastered 90’s classic of his ‘Hot and Wet’

He also added a instrumental of ‘I’ll take my chances’ which I thought suited the hour very well, but then, Im biased

Rich’s DJ hour starts 1 hour into the show, and I’m track two in the listing, about 5 mins in


X Factor – 25th March 2017

Recently Thames TV; makers of the X Factor called me at the rehearsal rooms where I work and asked if they could book a room to run some Leicester auditions for the show.

We booked them in, fortunatley the room that I usually rehearse in – and as I was there to set everything up for them, took the opportunity to go first and skip the queues.

I’m often asked by people ‘you like pop music, why don’t you apply for X Factor?’ to which I don’t really have a straight answer apart from I would only want to sing my own material and I never remember to actually apply in time.

I didn’t really have an excuse when they literally came to me – so what the hell! I sang “Where did I go Wrong?” I’m sure Simon Cowell would want to tell me 😉

Silicon Dreams 2017 – Announcement

Im so excited to announce I’m on the Line up for Silicon Dreams Festival on 8th July!

The line up has just been announced

The venue here looks stunning, its going to be a great festival.

The organiser Simon did an interview on the Johnny Normal Show on Radio Warwickshire.

You can hear I’ll take my chances and what Simon has to say about me at 1:26:15