I Never Thought – Video

Since I negated to share with you the videos of ‘I Never Thought’ – I will share them with you now 🙂

This video I’m particularly proud of, filmed a while ago in the ‘Blue Room’ at Stayfree Music, it’s been waiting for me to be ready for release!

I worked with film maker – John Alex – who also did the ‘You Know’ and ‘I’ll take my chances’ videos.

Parralox came up with their own video for the remix, in which I’m a bit stretchy!

1691 – ‘Take the Chance’ video

The guys at 1691 have taken some filming I did with them in November last year and edited it with my recent video for ‘I’ll take my chances’

Its a fun adaptive called ‘Take the chance’ Why not.

I was pleasantly surprised to see they came up with this.

The first song in this series was ‘You Know’ posted on 17th January

Remix Appearing on Parralox ‘Holiday 17’

Parralox’s John Von Ahlen has done an amazing remix of ‘I never thought’ for my remix album which will be released early next year.

The track has had the privilege of appearing on Parrlox ‘Holiday 17’ album – a 4 CD bundle

I’m proud to say ‘I never thought’ is the first track on the 1st remix CD. How cool is that!!

You can check it out at http://www.parralox.com/discography/albums/holiday-17