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live reviews

Electricity Club -
Silicon Dreams June 2019

“Silicon Dreams favourite Caroline McLavy was the festival’s only solo artist, but that didn’t seem to phase her and Caroline’s admirers in the audience were many. Assuredly delivering a mixture of new songs and old, highlights included the LorD and Master mix of ‘Miss Perfect’ and the brand-new Ricardo Autobahn mix of ‘I Lied’.”

Electricity Club -
Synthetic City Sept 2018

Caroline McLavy came back on the scene with the release of her Quasi-Static album…….Dressed in a fetching black outfit, McLavy zipped through a set of dancepop numbers. Highlights included a percussive ‘Constant Pain’ and the tropical beats of ‘Where Did I Go Wrong’…..Tonight also sees a premiere for the fairy tale aesthetics of a new video of one of those reworkings as McLavy performs the LorD & Master remix of ‘Miss Perfect’.”


Electricity Club -
Silicon dreams June 2017

“McLavy’s material is “…peppered with synth hooks, emotive melodies and simply good danceable rhythms”. The likes of ‘You Know’ are given much more of an impact on stage, courtesy of McLavy’s confident stage presence and equally strong vocals. Elsewhere, the bassy tones of ‘I’ll Take My Chances’ and bangers such as ‘Miss Perfect’ and ‘Constant Pain’ show a solid collection of songs in her arsenal.”

album reviews

Electricity Club -

“….with new release Quasi-Static, McLavy has returned to her debut album to offer up some remixes of the tracks – some radical, some surprising, but all with a fresh approach. The talents involved are also drawn from a broad church of music styles, including the likes of Parralox, Nature Of Wires, Def Neon, Real Experts, LorD & Master and others.”

Indie Music Plus -

“..I enjoy very much and Caroline McLavy is a new addition to my library that I am happy to listen to over and over. The production on Electrostatic is clean and definitely crafted by a seasoned creative professional. The music is in the Euro Electronica space, should I say Euro Trash? Either way, for the music Caroline’s image is spot on. The images you find online are perfectly branded so that when you see them you know it’s her. I love the album cover with the colors and the blue boots, the blue boots…I want some!”

Electricity Club -

“…There’s a good combination of classic electronic elements on Electrostatic alongside often alongside lyrics that can embody the mundane aspects of life. At points, it’s reminiscent of ‘lost’ synthpop outfit Macondo who mastered the art of good tunes and wry humour..”


Analogue Trash

“I think it’s the vibe I’m looking for the most. I spend most of my time trying to make the music sound like it does in my head. Most of my music or videos or other creative processes seem to start with the ideological vision that I then set out to achieve. It never works out how I imagined but part of the process is allowing it to grow into its own skin. It’s a balance, I love that.”

“..I do have a fondness for an upbeat tune with deeper more complex or darker lyrics. I think it allows the listener to feel the song in their own way. As a surface dance pop song in a club or more meaningfully in headphones. It’s about personal interpretation and I like that in a song.”

“WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO WRITE THIS RELEASE? I suppose you could say life experience, an insatiable love of electro pop, and a good synth riff. Music is always a good outlet to process a situation, whether writing or listening.”

Real Sounds OK

And what’s the moment you want to forget? Ooo filming the outdoor scene for my video for ‘Constant Pain’ at 10:30am on a Sunday morning. The film location was the old Norman Castle in Castle Gardens, Leicester. I wore my thigh-high electric blue boots. On the way back to the car after filming I had to pass the Church where the congregation were gathered outside. It felt like the walk of shame.”

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