Radio Play in LA

Beyond the Dawn Radio played some of my songs this Monday on their ‘New Music Monday’ show, aired at 2pm and 9pm Pacific Time. They played ‘I’ll take my chances’ and ‘Miss Perfect’

They’ll be playing both songs in general circulation for the week also.

Beyond the Dawn are a online independant radio station based in LA, well worth a listen to


USA Radio Interview

On Wednesday I did a live radio interview with an American online radio station; Power of Perception.

This was probably the most challenging thing I have done to date, an hour long live interview covering many aspects of the music business. I’m not sure I quite qualify to give answers to a few of the questions but I did my best.

You can check out the interview below, the sound quality drops out in places, probably due to calling the other side of the world on my mobile.

Power of Perception music with Caroline McLavy

Bedford Street – Leamington Spa – 17th May 2016

This Tuesday I played at a very posh bar called Bedford Street in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire.

The very lovely lady and awesome singer sonwriter Taylor-Louise gave me a slot on her night.

Bedford Street is traditionally a Jazz and Blues bar, so it was always going to be interesting to see how a bit of electropop goes down. There were a few of the older crowd who thought I was hideous but the younger crowd were very much into a bit of ‘girl sings pop!’

The photos I have all look very red. It wasn’t that red in real life 🙂

Handmade Festival – O2 – Leicester 1st May 2016

I played the Union Square Stage, to everyone sitting on their sofas eating lunch. It was rather daunting to have a transient crowd but people were getting really into some pop music which was great to see!

I played a 25 minute set:-

You Know
I’ll take my chances
Constant Pain
Where did I go wrong?
Miss Perfect
The calm before the storm.

It was great to have the chance to play some new ones live