Coming from the dirty end of Rock ‘n’ Roll; owning band rehearsal rooms in Leicester UK for a number of years, Caroline McLavy emerged with an electro pop album quite possibly as polar opposite to her day job as it can musically get! But as it goes ‘Electrostatic’ has plenty of hard-core grinding bass lines and provocative lyrics so maybe there’s more influence there than she cares to admit.

The 11 tracks wander around relationship issues, social anxiety, dancing like your life depends on it, facing depression, general frustration with humanity and to finalise an end track about battling with bailiffs. What’s surprising is that with a gentle vocal, catchy pop melodies and uplifting synths, you hardly even notice.

Caroline McLavy wants to tell you her story with her album. ‘Electrostatic’ just wants to be put on repeat.

April 2018 will see the release of a follow up remix album of Electrostatic called Quasistatic with remixes from very well respected synth pop artists; Parralox, Def Neon, Nature of Wires to name a few. The remixes have an eclectic range of electronic genres from synthwave to pop, to eurodance, to house-techno to drum and base!

In 2017 Caroline played a various synth pop festivals, including Threshold Festival, Silicon Dreams and DC10, 2018 is lining up to be very interesting with charity performances, various Pride festivals booked and a guest performances on tour with Nature of Wires.