Silicon Dreams 2019

Oh wow what an event. This year Simon packed in an afternoon session and an evening session. The whole day was packed full of awesome acts! My good friends Berlyn Trilogy opened up the event follow by Ovvls. I arrived just before the The Rude Awakening – who had to be less rude for the day!

The evening started with Electronica – who covered all the classic synth songs. Next up was me!!

My half hour set started with my brand new song ‘Disco Ego’ – which will be released later in the summer. I had an awesome video to accompany it courtesy of my friend Jake

Following this I played ‘Constant Pain’ and ‘You Know’ from the Electrostatic album. Then Nature of Wires made an appearance in the ‘Don’t Wanna’ video.

‘I’ll take my chances’ came just before the other new song of my set; ‘I Lied’ Ricardo Autobahn Remix. This went down extremely well since it was the track being promoted on the radio stations so probably the most fresh in peoples minds.

Of courser the final song of the night; ‘Miss Perfect’ LorD and Master Remix, making everyone smile with its kooky video

Following my set was Twist Helix and Armada Named Sound. The headliners were Northern Kind and Sinestar.

I had such a lovely time after my performance hanging out with the other bands and audience members, chatting and enjoying the rest of the event. Shout out to both Simons, Kurt, Bridget, Nicky, Spiros and Rob

Performing at Weird Garden

My first gig at Lincoln was at Weird Garden, a delightful art gallery.

It was a wonderful welcoming atmosphere. It felt full of regulars who brought there own food and drinks ready for the entertainment whilst relaxing on sofas.

They had a projector so I was able to play my videos which added to the arty entertainment

Playing with Future Perfect

I had the honour stepping in for Rebecca Owen of Future Perfect for a gig at The Flapper in Birmingham. It was a very different experience for me to perform as part of a duo.

As well as singing with Simon I had a keyboard to contend with! It was a fantastic experience and I learnt a lot.

We sang many of the Future Perfect classics as well as a brand Simon had written and performed for the first time

We opened up for three great bands; The Rude Awakening, Among the Echoes and The Shiny Darkness.

supporting Strange Circuits

This weekend I played my first gig of the year in Wolverhampton supporting Strange Circuits at The Hummingbird

It was also a first to play in front of a room full of students

Rodney Bakerr was fascinating to watch, I really enjoyed his set. It was reminiscent to me of The Prodigy. I don’t know if anyone else would say that!

Sleepy Time Released

I’m excited to announce the release of The Sleepy Time today. The song is from Projekt Inc aka Ulf Muller and features my vocals.

There are several awesome remixes of the song from all over the world. Its been great to be part of the ‘project’

Projekt Ich – The Sleepy Time feat. Caroline McLavy: Single release on March 1st …On March 1st, Projekt Ich aka Ulf…

Posted by Projekt Ich on Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Filming Project

Today I took part in a filming project. My new friend James Raphael offered to film my live set for a series of videos to be released later on in the year.

I have previously filmed a few videos in different locations and enjoy this part of the process, although on this occasion there were 6 static cameras and a mobile one to perform in front of. It was almost like a gig!

I think the videos are going to be quite arty judging by the sneak peak of pictures I was given, which I am sharing with you here.

Compilation Album

I’m excited to announce that Miss Perfect – LorD and Master remix will be on the up and coming Electropop 14 edition.

It will be released on 15th March. You can hear the trailer to below, my song is second on the playlist

2018 Review

Tin Music and Arts – Ohm from Ohm tour

2018 was a great year for me, it started off with being a featured act with Nature of Wires on the Ohm from Ohm tour. I sang ‘Don’t Wanna’ Nature of Wires remix. It was the first time I had played with a band and it was a great new experience.

I Never Thought single cover

I released the single ‘I never thought’ along with the Parralox remix

Over the summer I had another first, playing at a few Pride gigs – which was a completely difference experience from the ‘synth scene’

I released my remix album ‘Quasi-static’ in August. The 7 track album has amazing remixes from Def Neon, Parralox, Real Experts, LorD and Master, Nature of Wires, Arcane, DJ Cutz and aka Baz

During the year I also released a few music videos, I’ll take my chances, ‘I never thought’ and ‘Miss Perfect’ LorD and Master remix.

Synthetic City

The Autumn brought more highlights – starting the Synthetic City festival and support Spray on tour

I was proud to be nominated for ‘Best Electro Act’ at the Radio Wigwam awards.

The year ended with ‘Don’t Wanna’ Nature of Wires Remix charting at number 7 in the Artefaktor Radio awards

#7 Chart ranking!!

Don’t Wanna – Nature of Wires Remix was voted number 7 in the Artefaktor Radio Top 40 Poll 2018.

As this was a public vote it meant an awful lot to me that people took the time to choose.

Also a massive salute the Gary Watts from Nature of Wires who came up with such a great remix. I have to just brag a little bit that out of all of the Nature of Wires remixes on the poll – mine came in the highest!!